Medical License Screening

You need to attract qualified medical staff due to a shortage of qualified local staff, but how can you ensure that these are genuine applicants with the right skills and experience? The answer is to methodically screen Medical License applicants through Primary Source Verification.

What are the risks of not conducting Primary Source Verification?

Unqualified or poorly trained medical staff are admitted to your country which has resulted in deaths and serious injuries in a number of countries

Public safety will be compromised (unqualified doctors, nurses, dentists, medical technicians etc.).

Employers (which may be government departments or health authorities) may expose themselves to legal liability if issues arise and workers are subsequently found to be unqualified.

What about attestation?

Many people and government departments mistakenly confuse the attestation process and the verification process. Attestation is a legal process that does NOT pass judgment on whether or not a document is genuine or not or that its source is genuine. We have performed Primary Source Verification on thousands of bogus documents that have already been attested, sometimes by numerous lawyers, embassies and government departments.

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The Hague Conference 2008
Joint Commission SQE Medical Staff
Fake Degree-Real License-10 Years of Practise!
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Fake Paramedic
Fake Radiographer
Fake Lab Tech Diploma

What is Medical License Screening?

Medical License Screening by Dataflow consists of the verification of the documents and information that a work permit applicant has submitted and the checking of the name of the applicant against our proprietary anti-fraud databases.

Documents such as degree certificates are checked with the entity that issued them e.g. a university. This entity is the Primary Source of the document thus this process is known as Primary Source Verification. Importantly, we also check that the entity itself is genuine.

Likewise, past employment information is checked directly with the past employer (the Primary Source of this information) in order to verify it.

But we go much further than this due to our market leading position and long experience. We maintain extensive databases of bogus colleges, universities and employers as well as a myriad of industry-specific databases that assist us in identifying fraudulent medical license applications.

Can Primary Source Verification be done globally?

Yes, we perform Primary Source Verification in every country on the planet in a fast and cost effective manner.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on the scope of the screening however most of our government clients ask the applicant to pay for the screening. Please note that the US government charges USD500 as a "Fraud Fee" for reviewing visa applicants documents. We charge a lot less.

Checks typically conducted

Degree or Diploma Certificate checked for accreditation of issuing authority and then, if accredited, verified with issuing authority.

Medical License verified at source.

Professional Qualification verified with Primary Source.

Employment History checked for 3 years with Primary Source.

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