Public Safety & Fake qualifications

“Duwayne Huss an employee of Nuclear Management Co., operator of two nuclear plants in Minnesota, [who] bought degrees in nuclear engineering and accounting..”

“Huss secured employment at the Kewaunee Power Station in eastern Wisconsin. A call to the nuclear plant confirms that Huss is currently employed in its control room, although the receptionist declined to say in what capacity.”

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The Hague Conference 2008
Fake Nuclear Engineer PDF
Fake Midwife
Fake Degree-Real License-10 Years of Practise!

Fact - Government stamps on documents make them look more genuine.

Fact - They are more likely to be accepted by other governments as genuine.

Fact - Economic migrants know this, yet governments continue to ‘legalize’ fake documents and those issued by diploma mills without checking to see if the document is real or fake.

This is the one of the many risks with unqualified professionals

  1. There is a huge shortage of qualified medical staff in many countries
  2. Someone with medical knowledge but no qualification decides they can earn far more overseas.
  3. They get a fake degree or buy diploma mill qualifications and then get these notarized and attested to make them look 'real.'
  4. No one checks if the qualification or the school is genuine
  5. Public lives are put at risk

The same applies for Engineers, teachers even airline pilots……….

Diploma Mills issue fake medical qualifications

Corruption scandal - 300 unaccredited medical colleges in India?


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